Open VPN connectivity between the RUT and the VPN

I seem to have some issues with the connectivity between the RUT and the VPN. The connection constantly restarts due to inactivity (ping-restart). Sometimes it restarts after a few minutes, but sometimes after less than a minute.

Ive up dated the Firmware, and deleted and renewed Hubs ETC, am I missing a setting somewhere?

Thanks all


I assume you are using RMS VPN Hubs? Is that correct?

If you are using a mobile connection, what is the signal strength and quality in Status → Network → Mobile?

How is the overall internet connectivity on the device? Have you tried performing extended pings to different addresses to see if there are any failed pings?

Could you please try recreating a VPN Hub in a different region? For example, if you have a VPN Hub in Germany, try Bahrain or US. Let me know if its better.

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With Teltonika Rut devices this is the common issue that you face. Here are a few things you can try to resolve this issue:

  1. You can check the VPN configuration on the RUT and increase the ping-restart interval. Try initially setting it to between 50 to 10 mins and adjusting further if needed.

  2. some VPN providers offer to keep alive settings to maintain the connection without relying on constant pings. Configure them if available on your VPN service.

  3. Expand the connection timeout value in the RUT VPN settings. This allows more time for the VPN to re-establish after a brief ping-restart attempt.

  4. Ensure your RUT firewall allows traffic through the VPN tunnel for the relevant applications or protocols you use.

  5. Consider putting the Rut interface connected to the VPN in the DMZ zone(if available) to bypass most firewall restrictions.

  6. Adjsut the maximum transmission unit on both the RUT and VPN interfaces to match. mismatched MTU can cause connectivity issues.

Ensure you are running the latest firmware version for your RUT model. Teletonika released an update that sometimes addresses connectivity issues.
if no solutions work that I mentioned above then reach out to Teltonika support or your VPN provider for further assistance. I suggest you use a VPN like PureVPN because it fulfills the purpose of using the VPN. They might have specific recommendations for your particular setup or troubleshooting tools to diagnose the disconnect issue.