I would like to obtain data form OPC -UA and sent it to the cloud by MQTT. I already configured OPCUA and in the test is ok. Also I configured the MQTT publisher and tested in data to server collection suscribing and publishing some topics but I cannot acomplish to work toguether, could you help me? I am working with a TRB 140 and a S7 - 1200 PLC

Thanks in advance

Rodrigo Aliaga


If you want to publish OPC UA data to your MQTT broker in cloud, then, assuming you can successfully get OPCUA data via test function, simply configure the Data to Server.

Firstly, make sure you are running the latest firmware v7.05.

In the Data to Server, create a collection:

Add OPCUA data:

On the next collection page, you can leave everything as default (you can change period in advanced settings).

Next, on the server configuration page, select MQTT as the type and enter your broker’s information, such as server’s address, port number, topic, etc.

Make sure that the collection is enabled:

This should be enough to send OPCUA data to your MQTT broker periodically (period is configured in the collection’s advanced settings).

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