Only partial page loads on main screen of device in RMS

Only partial information is shown in the main screen for our devices in RMS. For me, Network Information & Device information is cut-off. Only some Network Information is shown then nothing shows for Device information.

Did you try a different browser and/or deleted browser cache and then reload the page?

Yes. Even logged out & back in again. It’s not happening for all of our devices, but I would say it’s about 90% of our 90+ teltonikas.

There is a scroll bar that you can move & and down but it seems to be broken.

I am having 30+ Teltonikas in my RMS an all is okay.
Which version is your RMS running on?
Click on your own username in the very upright corner and check version:



Could you please provide a screenshot how it looks like? Thank you!

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It seems I required a browser update. as of now, the scrollbar works to display all the info. Prior, only partial information was being displayed.

That’s why I asked before if you tried different browsers :wink:
But good to hear all is fine now.

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