Online/offline status issue with FMXXXX


We have several devices FMB120, FMM130 and FMC130 after short period of time of stopping the vehicle the device goes offline. We have contacted teltonka local support team and they modified the configuration without successes. Teltonika device does not have Heartbeat which can allow us to monitor the online status.

Please what is the solution of this issue.


Good day, If all the devices suddenly stop reporting to your server and to FOTAWEB it may be a SIMCARD or network issue, kindly check your mobile subscription.

If the devices are reporting to FOTAWEB and not to your server it may be a configuration or server issue.

But these are only theories to have the right analysis, please check them directly with Teltonika Local support in your region.

If it is possible to give all the details to your Local Support like the number of devices, device IMEI, device configuration, device firmware, logs, and dumps files they can easily analyze the issue.

Best Regards
Maynard C.

Greetings Maynard,

Thank you for your reply. Issue already discussed with local support and they could not resolved the issue. We are going in trial and error without Success.

hi i also have the same problem. This device goes to sleep mode and can be activate via SMS only or ignition detection.

I have made some change on data Acquisition setting.
on stop i have set
min period 30,30,30
min saved Records 1, 1, 1
Send period 5, 10, 10
(you try and play around with the number above) so far this workable for me.

Disable the sleep mode option.

Hope this can help

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