One plc is connected rest were not connected in wireguard vpn

Hi, we have 3 individual router(RUT200,RUT951,RUT200) located in 3 different location connected with 3 individual plc. The 3 routers has individual sim card. PLC to router connected with ethernet cable. We’re using Wireguard VPN to for this experiment. I have a master router RUTX50 there the wireguard configuration for these 3 routers are made. When i try to ping the plc one plc is pinging other 2 plc and router is not pinging. I had made configuration for three routers as same and RUTX50 has these three router configuration. My dowt is I made configuration for three routers are same the IP for three router are different. My master router getting connected with only one router only what should i do now?

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