On IPSec tunnel, From Teltonika local side to other local side ping not have

When I set up an IPsec tunnel between Teltonika and different devices (when the tunnel is up), I do not have ping or HTTP access from Teltonika’s local network to the local network of the other device. (There is RDP.) But there is ping, HTTP, RDP from the other LAN to the Teltonika local network. Do I need to enter a different command on the RUT side? Please help with the solution.


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Teltonika devices are by default open to all ports, therefore there should be no blockage in that example. Thus, I would advise you to check the firewall side of the other device as well as the firewall of the PC as they may be blocking the ping and I would advise you to open and disable any firewall that may be stopping it for testing purposes


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