Offer bulk change for SMS Rules => Authorization?

Dear Teltonika Team,

Would you mind considering the following change in a future firmware version?

Services => Mobile Utilities => SMS Utilities => SMS Rules:
On my RUTX11, there 31 (default) rules, all with the authorization set to Allowed number(s): From all numbers.

I miss an option to change the authorization for all (or for selected) rules, e.g. to set them all to Allowed number(s): From group. At the moment, I would have to go through 31 entries to change them all. Or am I maybe overlooking some option that already allows bulk changes?

Thanks a lot for your kind consideration and great support - I appreciate it very much! :grinning:

Best regards

On the same menu, you might consider allowing weaker passwords, e.g. only digits (like a PIN code). As currently, No authorization is also possible, offering less tight password restrictions should not be a problem, or would it?


The PIN code 12345678 in my screenshot is of course a bad example, but some other at least 4 digits long PIN (without letters) would still be better than No authorization.

By the way, does the router block SMS calls after multiple failed authorization attempts? This could be beneficial, too. :wink: Again, thanks for your consideration! :+1:

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