NTP via mobile operator


still dealing with NTP not working properly. It is important that the time synchronization works via a SIM card (mobile operator, without data)

time synchronization only works for me with the wrong NTP server settings. This can be seen in the picture.

But this setting is unreliable. within 1 month, time is running out. can you please advise me how it should be done correctly.

I have another question.
which means: Count of time synchronizations = 0
0= same as leave empty or never?

i have rut230
Firmware version RUT2_R_00.07.03.4


NTP requires access to specified servers for it to function properly, as indicated in the image provided by you (at the bottom). This means an internet connection is necessary. Therefore, if NTP is not working for you, it may be due to this lack of internet access.

If you set the “Count of time synchronization” to 0, the synchronization period will be set to infinite. This means synchronization will occur indefinitely.

However, if you want to keep time without relying on the internet, you’ll likely need a real-time clock.

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