Not enough memory to install package

I updated the RUT955 from 7.04.2 to 7.04.5 and immediately the next message i get is that there is “not enough memory” left on the device.
Plenty of flash left in the device but it won’t let me install a single package.
This issue wasn’t seen few revisions ago but now all of a sudden we have this problem due to the new firmware.
Please help!

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There doesn’t seem to be any free storage left on the overlay partition, which is used for storing the installed packages. /tmp is stored in the volatile memory, and is only used for storing temporary files.
Please consider deleting some packages, or expanding the storage by using an SD card or a USB flash drive. This will expand the overlay partition and will allow many more packages to be installed.

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Hello @Daumantas
No packages have been installed. This is a complete factory reset status. So I am worried the new firmware or bootloader is not reading the partition correctly. Just two revisions ago we didn’t have this issue. Can the development team please take a closer look at this?


Please try reinstalling the firmware via the bootloader, as described here: RUT9xx Firmware via The Bootloader Menu - Teltonika Networks Wiki
If your device is older, you may need to install the latest legacy firmware ( first and then install the latest RutOS firmware via the WebUI.
This procedure will completely reinstall the entire OS, which should resolve any deeper issues with the file system.

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@Daumantas - You are correct
going to legacy firmware and then upgrading directly to the latest firmware fixed the issue.

Thank you!

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