Not connecting to rms

I have a RUT240 which was properly connecting to rms until a few days ago. The router is up and connected to the internet through mobile interface, with private IP. The devices behind it are properly connected to the internet, but the rms platform shows it as offline.
The sms command monitoring_status replies “Monitoring - enabled; Connection state - Connection closed; Serial number - 11XXXXXXXX; LAN MAC - 00:1E:XX:XX:XX:XX;”
I tried monitoringoff and then monitoringon with no luck.

I have credits and the monitoring is enabled in the rms web.

The firmware is RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.1

this firmware is ancient. Try to upgrade to version 07.04.3 and
do NOT keep settings (therefore resetting the RUT240 to factory defaults)

TimeLapse Admin

Welcome to the Teltonika Community :smiley:

As mentioned above by timelapsesystems it seems that you are running an old firmware which will generally cause trouble with our latest RMS services.

Kindly Update to latest firmware without keep settings and you can find the Firmware here

If the issue persist kindly let us know