No remote ip acces RUT 951

I have a teltonika RUT 951 connected to a remotely measuring system.
I have to set up a port-forward to acces my system but cant acces the router remotely trough the IP adress of the SIMcard, its a M2M type, the previous router connected to the same system did not have this issue (RUT241, same simcard).

I am a complete network newbie/idiot so all help is appreciated


This issue might be related to settings. For instance, to enable Public IP, many mobile carriers use different APN configurations. You can adjust the settings for the mobile WAN connection by navigating to Network → WAN and clicking “edit” next to the mobile interface you want to modify. Here, you can change the APN. If you’re unsure about the correct APN, you can contact your mobile carrier, and they should provide it for you. Another option is to replicate the settings from a device that is using the same mobile SIM card, accessed through the same settings page mentioned earlier.

2024-07-10-12-27-41-RUTX12 - Teltonika Networks

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