No internet for device in LAN with RUT240 VPN

I build up a LAN with 2 devices ( and connected with a switch to a RUT240 router ( I can connect to all devices with OpenVPN after setup the VPN, that shows internet is working in generell on the RUT240. Now I need internet connection for my second device (, its an Ubuntu IPC for cloud communication. I am connected to the IPC and I can ping the RUT240 but I have no internet by ping or I set as gateway in the IPC but that doesnt work.
Is there any need to configure sharing internet in the LAN at RUT240?
Please let me know.

Kind regard!


By default, port 2 of RUT240 is configured as WAN port meaning it will be receiving internet. But if you want the second port to give internet to the device, you need to configure it as LAN. To do that, access RUT240 WebUI → choose Basic Mode → Network → Interfaces → Click the pencil icon of LAN → Enable use WAN port as LAN → Click Save and Apply. Then revert to Advanced Mode.

Hope this helps!


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