No correct behaviour after upgrade FW to 7.6.11

hello, I dont know what could we do wrong… we updated FW RUT950 from 6.6.x used auto upgrade first step was increase to 6.9 and next step was 7.6.11. Configuration was keepted.

After reset I noticed

  1. OpVPN status was always DISCONECTED even when wasnt
  2. FW rules - OpVPN drop IN must be disable - because communication wia OpVPN tunel was not created-started
  3. When I send SMS vpnstatus … answer is " OpVPN_name - Unknow error"

I was confused and my feeling is reset cfg after upgrade to factory and created it again… or what easier ?


When updating to newer firmware, it is recommended to do so without keeping the current settings because some things may change, and configurations might not work properly as they did with the previous firmware version. If you don’t want to lose your configurations, you can download a backup file before the upgrade.

In your situation, the easiest approach is to reset the device and try configuring it again.

Please let me know how it goes!

Best Regards

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