No connection to Router and LAN via Zerotier


I am using a RUT240 (with latest firmware) and would like to get remote access to the WebUI and devices on the router’s LAN via Zerotier. I have done the settings according to the wiki article.

  • I set up the Zerotier network
  • Installed ZeroTier package and added a new ZeroTier configuration
  • Added route via in the ZeroTier Central ( is ZT IP of RUT240)

I can’t connect to the Router WebUI using or any other device in LAN using the local IP. Did I miss any settings?

Help would be very appreciated.


Does it show RUT240 as online on ZeroTier webpage?

Is it possible that the end device that you are currently using is on the network as well?

If it is a Windows machine, try pinging RUT240 from the CLI via ZeroTier IP assigned on the PC:

ping -S <zerotier IP PC>

For example:

ping -S

Also, check firewall settings on RUT240 in Network → Firewall and make sure that it is set to ‘accept’ for ZeroTier zone.

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