no access to RUTx50 in bridge mode

I no longer have access to my RUTx50.
We were at the campsite, I wanted to fish WiFi. It didn’t work - so I activated BRIDGE mode in the Internet setting. Since then I no longer have access to the router.

Unfortunately, the router cannot be reset using the reset button or via SMS.
When connecting to the router wifi I get IP address in the subnet

is there an emergency IP?
or how do I get access to the router again?

Thank you very much


Could you try setting a static IP on your WiFi interface to be in the RUTX50 LAN range? The default LAN is, so if this setting was not changed, you could set a static IP to and netmask to
When this is done, try reaching the WebUI of the RUTX50 by entering the IP in the search bar on your browser of choice. If you are successful, revert the changes made previously.
If that does not help, could you try checking if the device is still reachable via RMS?

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