NMEA forwarding to multiple local devices

I am using a RUTX11 with about 20 devices on the network. I would like to have all the devices to access to NMEA sentence produced by the router.

I have tested the NMEA forwarding which works fine when specifying a particular device’s ip (unicast), and I would be able to receive on the device (I’m using UDP on port 10110). When I try multicast ( or boardcast ( addresses, they do not work.
I have tried installing UDP Broadcast Relay package for the RUTX11, and specified relaying lan to lan on 10110 port. That doesn’t seems to change the behaviour for boardcast address.

I also tried having NMEA forward goes to a single device, using port forwarding - filter by destination address and port, forward to any lan device on 10110 port. But that doesn’t seems to work either. (I am not a networking guy and not sure if I have set up correctly)

With more recent firmware (using RUTX_R_00.07.06.3), multiple host can be specified on the NMEA forwarding set up, but hard code config all the device does not seem like the best solution.

Another possible solution is to set up a device to receive NMEA and forward packages using iptables, or forward them within my application stack. I feel it would be best if something can be configure on the router side and minimise latency.

similar to question was posted here, but it didn’t go anywhere:

Am I missing something? Is there other way to do this?
Appreciate you all, thanks!

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