New FW RUT9_R_00.07.06.5 Issues

Upgrad to RUT9_R_00.07.06.5…bad idea. I did it and…:
-WEB UI is horrible slow. It take almost 4 minutes to load Overwiev page. Other pages work very slow. Never happend before
-Huge load of RAM like never before
-CPU load indicates 100% most of the times dosen’t go below 50% - before upgrade it was ca 30%
-Mobile usage stil dosen’t work
-SMS still can’t be send

The only simularity i’m getting to your troubles is that the WEB UI is a little less responsive, noticeable but not troublesome and yes the Mobile Usage page is very slow to respond indeed.

Very slow when toggling, day, week, month and total pages, so much so that firefox wants to force a stop.

I’m not getting issue with CPU load.

Android Chrome noticeably slower, Firefox on a Windows 10 desktop pc slower but not tooooo troublesome.

I’m experiencing the same issue (high CPU and very slow WebUI) with both RUT950 and RUT240. I’m moving back to

I’ve loaded an old config made with FW, cleaned mdcollect.db and now it’s working ok. No lag for WEB UI no big CPU Load.

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