New Data To Server on RUT200

There was a significant change made to the Data To Server setup and flow in the latest firmware upgrade of the RUT200 (RUT2M_R_00.07.05)

Previously I was able to create separate MQTT topics for 80+ controllers on refrigeration installations that we are monitoring, but with the new updates they limit the number of data-to-server collections to 10. MQTT topics are only defined in the collection level.

This means that I will have to tease out the topic on my MQTT broker and it is causing me a lot of work and hassle.

I will rather revert to the previous firmware version.

What is the rationale for this limit? Or why not enable the user to define an MQTT topic at the level of the data input, rather than for the collection as a whole?

Am I missing something? Is there a way for me to get around this limit?

I am afraid that this change might one day be applied to other routers like the RUTX11 which we are also using. Then we will be in big trouble…


Would it be possible for you to provide a bit more details about your use case to understand it better?

What information where you collecting and sending before? What protocols were used? Were you filtering this data? How many data to server instances (and topics) did you have configured before?

If you could provide any other information that you see relevant, that would be great.

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The information we collect are from refrigeration installations. Various temperature probes, sensors and alarms are transmitted from a controller via Modbus TCP. So I have set up a Modbus master to receive the data.

There are about 70 controllers each linked to an individual cabinet or freezer. Each controller has about 25 data points. We have been publishing each controller as a distinct topic to our MQTT broker.

With the new system I seem to be limited to 10 topics only, since the topic is added at collection level, and I can have only 10 collections. This is not sufficient for even our smallest site which currently has 24 controllers.

There is only one Modbus server that serves all 70 controllers’ data, and only one MQTT broker that receives all of it. So the idea of a collection is nice, but I need to be able to publish a hundred topics.


Thank you for all the details.

Just wanted to let you know that I have forwarded this issue to our RnD department. I will let you know once there are any news.

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