Network operator name and signal strength data on login screen not available on new FW

We are currently reading the Mobile Network Operator name and mobile signal strength from the router’s login screen.

But the latest FW does not not have this info displayed.

What are the options to obtain this info from the router and using LAN interface?


Would it be possible for you to clarify how exactly were you reading this information before?

The information about the mobile connectivity can be found by accessing the WebUI of the device and navigating to Status → Network → Mobile.

If you were using command line to obtain this information, then it is still possible to obtain this information from the command line. For example:

#gsmctl to get available commands
#to obtain the operator name
gsmctl -o
#signal information
gsmctl -q

You can also utilze the ubus commands:

# to view modem options:
ubus -v list gsm.modem0
# get operator
ubus call gsm.modem0 get_operator_selection
# get signal information
ubus call gsm.modem0 get_signal_query

You can use whichever command works for you. I would recommend checking what other commands are available with gsmctl -h and ubus -v list gsm.modem0

In case you need any additional information, please let me know.

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Think what the op is saying that on previous firmware, there was a tick box to show Signal strength, network, and IP address on the login page. This allowed technicians or someone to view the information without having the password. This was also a useful feature for us as remote field engineers would be able to provide us with the IP address, but not have the login details to the unit.

It used to be under System, General, Login Page. (Show mobile info at login page and Show WAN IP at login page )

Not sure which version it’s been removed from as we’re still using 1.14.5 which has it.


Starting from RutOS v7.0+, the feature has been discontinued. While our team is aware, there’s no current intention to bring it back. Among other reasons, security is one of the concerns with this feature. As an alternative, consider creating a user with restricted access, so the user can only see necessary information without the rights to change any configurations.

Information about the system users on RUT devices is available on our wiki page here.

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