Netbios name resolution on RUT901

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I need to do netbios name resolution on a RUT901 over SSH but cant find a utility that does this installed.

On a 950 I used nbtscan to resolve the name into a numerical ip.

Does anybody know a utility installed on 901 that can do the same?

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Apologies for a late reply.

NebBios name resolution is quite old. For proper NetBIOS name resolution, you can use nbtscan like you do right now, or if you have Samba installed on the router, you should be able to use nmblookup for NetBIOS name resolution.

Alternatively, you could assign the device a static IP address and then add an entry for it in the /etc/hosts file for DNS resolution. However, it’s important to clarify that this is not ‘real’ NetBIOS name resolution since it uses DNS for resolution.

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Thanks for the reply.

Neither nbtscan or samba are installed on the 901 - do you know how to install them? They are not an option in opkg and if I copy the nbtcan off a 950 onto a 901 it doesnt run (crashes).

I cant assign a static ip to the other device - its outside my control.

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Indeed, it seems that the package was abandoned long time ago and is not available for the current firmware version. Also, the nmblookup command from samba36 is missing in samba4, so we can’t use that either. In this situation, there aren’t many options. You might want to see if these packages are still around in older firmware versions, but I’m not sure about that.

Since IP addresses keep changing and you can’t control that, I suggest looking for a workaround. For instance, if you have a direct connection, you could try finding out the IP address using the arp command, and then link a hostname to it in the /etc/hosts file or something similar.

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Hi AndzejJ

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I have found a bit of an ugly solution using ‘ip route’ on the teltonika to get the ip\subnet of the connected interface then passing this to a windows 10 PC on another network which is able to communicate across network via the teltonika and the do nbtscan!

I would comment that the the 901 has lost a lot of the power\functionality of the 950 despite being a newer model - I was hoping for an improvement since we can buy the 950 any more :-(.

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