Need Help Configuring Dual Wireless Networks with RUT956 and Dual SIM Cards.

Hello everyone,

I have a configuration question for my new RUT956 router.

Objective: I want to set up two wireless networks, which I’ll refer to as “wirelessOne” and “wirelessTwo.” Additionally, I have two SIM cards, “simOne” and “simTwo,” that I’d like to utilize in a specific manner.


  1. Wireless Network - wirelessOne:
  • Functionality: This network should operate like a standard home network, allowing connections for computers and phones.
  • Outgoing Connections: It should exclusively use “simOne” for outgoing connections.
  • Incoming Connections: Inbound connections to the IP associated with “simOne” should be directed to wirelessOne (e.g., SSH).
  1. Wireless Network - wirelessTwo:
  • Functionality: This network should not permit incoming connections from external sources.
  • Outgoing Connections: It should utilize “simTwo” for all outgoing connections.
  • Internal Communication: Devices on wirelessTwo should be able to communicate with each other.
  • Usage: wirelessTwo should primarily be used for internal communication between devices on the same network or for transmitting data to (for example) cloud servers.

I’m uncertain about the best way to achieve these configurations on my RUT956, which is why I’m reaching out here for guidance. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Your requested configurations are somewhat possible, however, there’s a crucial point I’d like to clarify.

You’ve mentioned that you want “WirelessOne” to use SIM1 and “WirelessTwo” to use SIM2. It’s important to note that while the RUT956 has two SIM card slots, it is equipped with only one LTE module. Consequently, the RUT956 can only have one SIM card active at any given time. If your goal is to have both SIM cards active simultaneously, you may want to consider the RUTX12. RUTX12 is the only device from our portfolio currently that has 2 x 4G LTE modules. This allows it to have 2 active mobile connections via 2 different SIM cards.

Therefore, there’s a limitation with your desired configuration, and only one of the networks, either “WirelessOne” or “WirelessTwo,” will be able to use the mobile connection at one time. Knowing this about RUT956, could you please clarify if this is still your intended use case?

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Thank you for your quick response. I didn’t know the two SIM cards were just for failover redundancy. Thank you for clarifying. So, yes, like you said, it’s not a good idea to do this then because switching between WirelessOne and WirelessTwo is not fast at all.

What about a SIM card and a wired (RJ45) WAN? Could that work?

If not, I’ll just work with one wireless network. It is only a demo setup anyway right now. Maybe I’ll buy the RUTX12 in the future.

Thank you!
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Yes, it is possible to use a SIM card and wired WAN to split the traffic. If both are available, you can achieve your desired configurations.

There are multiple ways to do this.

I will outline the configuration for a VLAN method, as this will also allow you to add ethernet ports to the mix if needed. For example, ethernet ports 1 and 2 can belong to a WirelessOne network, and port 3 can be a part of a WirelessTwo network. Of course, you can set these as you want, i.e. you can keep all LAN ports on the WirelessOne network.

For this approach, you can follow the configuration example here. A few notes in regard to your specific use case:

  • In this example, mob1s1a1 (SIM1) and mob2s1a1 (SIM2) interfaces are used because the example is for RUTX12. In your case, you can use mob1s1a1 and WAN.
  • The ‘lan’ network would be your WirelessOne, and ‘lan2’ would be your WirelessTwo network.
  • In the example, ports 3 and 4 (RUTX12 has 1 additional LAN port), are assigned to VLAN ID 3 (lan2 = WirelessTwo) network. However, you can keep all ports on VLAN 1 (lan1 = WirelessOne) if you want to.
  • In the example, the already existing WiFi instance is assigned to lan2. In your case, you will want to create a new WiFI instance (SSID) in Network → Wireless, configure it, and assign it to lan2 (WirelessTwo). Make sure you configure encryption and password in Wireless security settings. This way, you will have 2 WiFi SSIDs for different networks.

Now, with these settings, you will have different networks that will use different WAN interfaces.

Regarding traffic and access management between devices, you will need to edit the Firewall. For this, I suggest taking a look at our wiki article here that demonstrates how you can use firewall zones to control traffic. For example, to restrict communication between WirelessOne and WirelessTwo networks, you can set ‘forwarding’ to ‘reject’ for the LAN zone. If you want more control, you can use traffic rules. More information about traffic rules can be found here.

Regarding remote access (incoming connections). All traffic from the WAN zone is rejected by default. Could you please clarify if you want to access your device/network over the public internet? If so, do you have a public IP address available on your SIM or your wired WAN? Or maybe you are looking to use VPNs?

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