Need getstatus response explanation

I have sent getstatus SMS command to device. The response is:
Data Link: 0(aa) GPRS: 1(1) Phone: 0 SIM: 0 OP: 20810 Signal: 5 NewSMS: 0 Roaming: 0 SMSFull: 0 LAC: 58011 Cell ID: 161931027 Network Type: 2 SIM1

At Data Link value I can see that last two reasons for data link closing is aa
In Teltonika documentation (FM6 getstatus - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS). I cannot find what these reasons means. Could you elaborate what a letter stands for in data link close reason?

Dear @vilius,

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On the Teltonika Documentation, I can see that there were no values that showed (aa) as an error for the Data Link close reason. I recommend you check the Firmware version of the device and update it to the latest Firmware version from the link mentioned below: Firmware versions - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

Kindly check again if the same error occurs after updates on the device’s Firmware version.

I hope this helps.

Patrick S.