My RUT241 is struggling with about 50 devices attached

I have an RUT241 feeding into a wired network which has worked brilliantly for several months. Latterly it has struggled, i think that is coinciding with us adding a few more devices (taking it to around 55 overall). Sometimes new devices now struggle to connect to the network or, if they do, the DNS seems odd (in that browsers see some web sites but not others). I am wondering if there is some capacity limit (50 devices?) even with wired connections. DHCP is showing that it should be able to allocate 150 IP addresses internally. I am using the router entirely in its reset state - i have not changed any settings. Any suggestions much appreciated. David


The RUT241 is one of the lower spectrum then talking about processing power (in our device fleet), supporting the connection of up to 50+ devices as the upper limit. To connect more devices, you would need to upgrade to a RUTX series device.

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Many thanks. Very helpful. I will do that. David

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Be careful with your choice. I have a RUTX50 with about 85 connections and it has proven a disaster from time to time exactly as you have described. It should easily handle 85 IP’s but it doesn’t.

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