Multiple devices for TOTP rms

Can you add a feature to add multple devices to the TOTP options.
We would like to be able to add a phone and an passwordmanager 2fa/totp tool.

In addition the timeout of the TOTP is very strickt. It would be much more userfriendly and helpfull if the totp code can accept to have some more drift in the timing. If the code is still valid for 10 seconds or less it always fails and you have to wait for the new code before it works…

I thought it was “just me” … glad to see someone else having problems with RMS + TOTP. If the timing is not just right, it fails and you have to re-enter the next code. I don’t have this problem with any other of the dozens of sites where I use TOTP auth codes, only RMS. So, I agree—whatever code or library they are using on the backend, maybe needs to be updated or replaced with a more reliable one.


I have created a consult with out RMS team so see if they have any plans for improvements for TOTP.

Will get back here when I have any updates

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