Multicast support over DMVPN

Hi, I’ve built a network based on Cisco DMVPN to support a Mountain Rescure radio network, which uses Multicast to communicate between radio relays over this network.

I recently had to replace one of the Teltonika routers which we use to connect the Cisoc routers over 4G. I got an RUT 241, which I notice now supports DMVPN.

Can the RUT241 support Multicast (PIM and IGMPv3) from the LAN side as well? If so this would mean I can replace all our Cisco routers on 4G sites with one of you routers.

Hi, as far as I recall there must be an option enabled in FRR daemon which would allow multicast traffic alongside DMVPN configuration. However, I don’t think FRR is updated to an appropriate version where this option is supported yet. It might be possible to make things work by configuring a non-multicast OSPF solution (non-broadcast OSPF with specific neighbors), but this would incur additional configuration requirements on OSPF side.

For now, maybe you can try to use BGP instead of OSPF with route reflector setup? BGP should work over DMVPN as intended.

Route reflector setup suggestion would make BGP act sort of like OSPF, where you would have a hub router announcing routes to any RR clients which connect to it. Some more thoughts, ideas and configuration information could be derived from here:

Hi, thanks for the reply, the issue is that I need to support multicast for the users connected to the LAN interface, they need to use IGMP to join a multicast group, for which the RP (advertised by PIM) is accessed via the DMVPN tunnel, on the LAN at a hub site.

This is the reason that I selected the Cisco routers initially, as they support both multicast and DMVPN. Iin our current setup the RUT240 only provides a 3/4G connection to the Internet, carrying the DMVPN tunnel from the attached Cisco router.

But, if the RUT supported both protocols I could do away with the Cisco routers, which is our application would be a saving on power and cost.

Our current setup uses EIGRP over the DMVPN, works great!



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