Most sensitive unit to use on service vans

Dear Teltonika Community, I would like to install on some service wans LTE (or 5G) router to facilitate internet access for the service technician on field. The most important thing is the LTE (or 5G) sensitivity, because in many sites there is poor coverage for cellphones to share data. Which unit do You reccomend? I was looking to RUT360 and TCR100, but I would be happier with Your suggestion! External antenna is not a problem to install, if You consider it indispensable. Thank You very much! Best regards, Ede Pálos

I’m no expert at all, but here’s my inexperienced thoughts …

Identify the area where your technicians will be working the most often on a map, and then mark on that map the location of all the Mobile masts available to you. Mark them as 4G and or 5G as needed.

To get a simplistic idea of what sort of coverage you may have, use a compass and draw circles around each mast, giving a 5km diameter (as an example). Where are your blind spots, how many are there? I’d have a think about the topology of the landscape, hills, mountains, forests etc.

No matter what router you decide to get, i think it’s more important to get the best possible external omnidirectional antenna you can.

If the coverage in the area where your technicians are working is not good, patchy or worse, then a mobile broadband solution my not be a suitable option and an expensive mistake.

If your technicians are struggling with their mobile phones in the area where they are working then a mobile broadband router may not be any better, however when used with a seriously good and much bigger antenna you may get a much better signal. I think the only way to find out would be to buy and try it.

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