Monitoring LTE interface with SNMPv3

Router: RUTXR100XXXX
Firmware: RUTX_R_00.07.04.5

We have problems with the LTE-Interface. Sometimes we have no internet connection. So we want to monitor it (CheckMK). After upgrading to the newest firmware, the interface for the LTE connection (mob1s1a1) appearing after a rescan in our monitoring system. Some days later it disappeared and cannot be discovered again.

LAN or WLAN interfaces can be monitored. LTE interface is up and running. We use SNMPv3 for monitoring and rebooted the device several times. We also upgraded the internal modem to version EG06ELAR04A20M4G (newest).

Any suggestions how to fix it and get proper monitoring of our LTE connection?


Could you please clarify what OIDs are you using?

What about:

snmpwalk -v 2c -c public .1

When it comes to interfaces, it is possible that the index of the interface can change is some cases. Currently, there is no option to enable interface index persistence.

Also, have you tried reinstalling the SNMP package or resetting the whole device?

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I lost the OIDs I used in CheckMk due to a new service discovery. From the service discovery I haven’t got a new LTE-Interface (with different index), instead I have no LTE-Interface at all which is my problem.
From snmpwalk (SNMPv3) I got 1640 OIDs.

There is no SNMP-Package for this device at RUTXR1 Package Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

Where can I initiate a reset and is it possible to maintain the network config?


The device can be reset to default settings in System → Backup → Restore Default Settings. Unfortunately, the configurations will be lost. However, before resetting, I would suggest you download a backup file from the same page, reset the device, check if SNMP works properly, and then you can try to upload the backup file to restore your configurations.

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I did a reset of the device and reconfigured network and SNMP, but same behavior.
The interface for LTE is not recognized any more.
An interface 14 is discoverd, but no data can be found.
The LTE interface is up and running.

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