Monitoring CO2 Emission from Equipments

Can we monitor real time emission output and energy consumption of equipment and compare against utilization rates?

Hi @Mubshar,

Good day! On the equipment that you want to monitor, it would be helpful if you could provide information on how the data was sent and the mode of communication it supports.

Based on this information, you may select the device that supports the specifications of the equipment. For example, if the data was received through CAN then you may check for the device that supports CAN such as (FMX6X0, FMB140, or FMX150, or using external CAN Adapters) otherwise if it supports Serial Communication then you may use FMX125 or FMX6X0 which supports the functionality.

For more information about our devices, you may access it through Teltonika Wiki Page: Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

I hope this helps.

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Okay thanks for your Support I will let you know on the time of implementation.

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