Monitor mobile status using UBUS / JSON-RPC


Using ubus / JSON-RPC, we would like to get the following information about the mobile radio :

  • RSSI
  • Connection type (LTE, 3G, 2G, …)
  • Connection status (data disconnected, connected)
  • SIM slot used
    We are using RUTX09 modems.

“ubus call gsm.modem0 info” seems to give most of this information, but I couldn’t find any specs explaining the enumeration fields, like " network_state or net_mode
Could you give some specifications about this status message (or any other ubus message that would contain the mobile status) ?



For the RSSI and connection type, you can use the

ubus call gsm.modem0 get_signal_query

For the connection status and SIM slot used, I cannot find certain ubus call commands for it. I tried the command below but it’s not working on my end.

ubus call gsm.modem0 get_sim_slot

Alternatively you can use

ubus -S call network.interface.mob1s1a1_4 status

SIM 1 - mob1s1a1_4
SIM 2 - mob1s2a1_4

If there’s an output on certain SIM interface, means it is the one which is active and connected, otherwise, it will output nothing.

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