Modem FW Update?

We recently just had nearly 100 devices notify of a change of status to Offline and Online, with the only apparent change being that a new modem FW was pushed out?


Are there any more details here that can be shared?


Could you clarify, what was the router and modem firmware was before it was updated, maybe by any chance you have a troubleshoot file which you could provide for us.

Ideally, a troubleshoot before the modem firmware update and after it would be the best, maybe you have a device that did not get an automatic modem firmware update, then you can get a troubleshoot from that device too?

Access the router’s WebUI, navigate to SYSTEM → MAINTENANCE → TROUBLESHOOT section, and download the troubleshoot file from there. You can refer to this article for walktrough: RUTX11 Maintenance - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

As these files can contain sensitive information, I have sent you a hubspot instructions to your email, check your inbox and fill out the given form your ticket ID will be 6592.

I will kindly wait for your reply,

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