modem data disconnected

hello teltonika I have rut device 955 doesnot connected on network on network status on connection read not registered

I have tried different troubleshoot procedure but fail to restore device like
rebootloader,reset to factory and modem updater

note it fail to attach troubleshoot file for new user

Hello teltonika why you are not reply this topic !what he important of this crowd support


  • tried SIM card in a mobile phone?
  • tried known working SIM in the router?
  • tried setting correct APN?

Timelapse Admin

Hello @RUFAA ,

It’s possible that the issue you’re experiencing could be related to the firmware version of your device. I recommend trying to install a different firmware version to see if that resolves the problem and rules out any potential hardware malfunctions.

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Hello teltonika
all possible check have been done correct but still the same problem modem disconnect

Hello teltonika
I have update firmware upto latest but still problem exist modem disconnect operator not registered
I try to change MNO simcard but still the same problem


If you’ve attempted all the steps you mentioned and none of them have resolved the issue, it appears that there may be a hardware problem. If your device is still under warranty, please reach out to your Teltonika reseller or contact Teltonika directly, especially if you made the purchase directly from us. We will then initiate the RMA process.

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Hello teltonika
Thanks for support

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