Modem configuration is different after updating to RUTOS from LegacyOS

I have a RUT240 device with firmware version: RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.7
I have forwarded a couple ports to a device inside the LAN, currently these are the most important:

  • 8080 from wan to 80 in lan
  • 8443 from wan to 443 in lan
  • 21 from wan to 21 in lan
  • 22 from wan to 22 in lan
    This all works great in the LegacyOS (1.14.7)

I want the new firmware because it works faster and is more secure, however when I update to either RUT2_R_00.07.04.3 or RUT2_R_00.07.04.4 the configuration does not give me the same results, now I can’t connect to the device where the ports are forwarded to. It seems to me that there was something unblocked in LegacyOS and now blocked in RUTOS, but I can’t seem to pinpoint where exactly the packets get blocked.

I tried viewing the changelog between the version but there’s just a extremely large list of changes, that it will take too long to go through them. How would I need to go about testing connection to pinpoint where the traffic is blocked?


One of the issues I could think of, is that the device may default to using a different APN which does not provide a public IP address. Could you check your mobile interface address and make sure it is not in the private or shared address space?
As for the port-forwarding rules themselves, make sure that:

  • The correct protocols are selected (TCP, UDP);
  • Forward zones are:
  • Source zone: WAN;
  • Destination zone: LAN;
  • The correct LAN device IP is specified;

If none of these help, please attach the screenshots of the Interfaces page (blur out the last 16bits of the public addresses) and an example of how the port forwarding rule looks like. Thank you.

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Hi, Thanks for your reply.
As stated in the question the configuration is exactly the same, this goes for APN, Protocols, Zones, etc.
I have, to be sure, looked at the settings and can confirm they are the same when upgrading the firmware. It looks like it should all work when looking in the configuration but the result is not the same.

Please try factory resetting the device on the latest firmware version and reconfiguring everything manually. Updating directly from legacy is a big firmware version jump and it is possible that some configuration settings did not transfer through.
I will ask you to attach the screenshots mentioned in the previous message if it still does not work after a reset.

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