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Hi, I would like to ask some questions regarding which modbus settings to use. Below is my application.

Lets say I want to use my RUT906 as and modbus TCP gateway whereby there are slaves connected to this RUT906 and I want to collect data and at the same time do some controls.(writing specific register in my inverters)

Do I need to setup modbus serial slave to listen to my devices and also Modbus TCP server for a high level scada to read and write all the slave’s data?

Below is an illustration of what I mean. Usually for general modbus gateways I can directly read and write the data with modscan calling the IP (



If you want to send Modbus requests from your SCADA to your inverters, there is no need to configure Modbus client/server on RUT906. Modbus TCP over Serial gateway should allow you to send Modbus TCP requests from SCADA to RUT906 IP and those will then be converted to Modbus RTU and passed to your Modbus Servers over the serial link. In Modbus TCP over Serial gateway, there is an option to specify Modbus RTU Servers ID. This can be a static ID, or it can be configured to obtain the ID from the TCP:

You can find more information here.

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