Modbus RTU read sensor


i’m trying to read data from a modbus rtu slave. But when i test my modbus command i got this error in the configuration test: (read: unexpected response length). It has a specific adress and i already tried it with some other software and it worked. I’m also struggling with the thing why are they always asking for an ip? I don’t want to use tcp or ip. The only thing i wat is to send the sensor data to an api? Is that even possible?

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Hi Lukas,

Can you share the error screenshot along with the configuration details of the Modbus register you’re using? Also, please provide information about the device you’re attempting to read. If you’re referring to the Data to Server feature, we can send it to an MQTT dashboard too

.Before diving into the API integration, it’s crucial to ensure that the Modbus RTU communication is stable and error-free. Once that’s confirmed, we can explore options for sending the sensor data to an AP
Please revert with additional details about the issue you’re facing.


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