Modbus gateway in RUT955 firmware 07.05

I noticed such a problem on RUT955 with firmware 07.05:
in WebUI I can’t add new configuration (or change) for Modbus gateway if I log in WebUI via mobile WAN.
WebUI seems to hang.
If I log via LAN - all good.

I updated router to firmware 07.05.4, but this problem did not disappear.
Problem menu item:
I remind, this happens if I log in via mobile WAN interface.


Firstly, could you please try clearing browser’s cache or use a different browser for testing?

I was unable to replicate this. I was able to browse and configure the tcp_over_serial page over mobile connection without any issues.

Perhaps you updated to v7.05 with ‘keep settings’ enabled?
Kind Regards,

The problem went away after I updated my browser!

Sorry… and Thank you!

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