Modbus data not same as the Legacy Web UI on RUT 950

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I’m having a bit of trouble with the Modbus data for mobile usage. Specifically, the numbers I’m getting for “Mobile data received today (SIM1)” and “Mobile data sent today (SIM1)” don’t match what I see on the Web UI.

I’ve been polling the Modbus data using Modbus TCP, and the values I get are all zeros, but when I check the Web UI, it shows different numbers. I’ve been at this since yesterday, and even then, the values didn’t quite match up. Attached is the image on my web ui router

The weird thing is, the only numbers that do match between Modbus and the Web UI are the weekly data sent and received. I haven’t tested the monthly ones yet, but I’m guessing it might be the same story.

I’m thinking this glitch happens only when I try to get the values for today. Any ideas on what’s going on?

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Could you clarify which legacy firmware version is being used here?
Are you sure you’re polling the Modbus data for SIM1 and not SIM2?
The correct Modbus register number for todays received mobile data consumption would be 186, and it spans two registers.
Additionally, does the issue only affect “today” data, or any of the data points for SIM1?
It should be noted, that legacy firmware is no longer supported, thus best we can do is try to find out why the issue is present on your device.

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FW version: RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.5

This is my nodered function node for reading the Mobile data sent today (SIM1)

This is my flows for reading the data

this is the response i get after decode the raw data , the decoded message located in the payload section which is 537484931 Bytes

This is my today usage in the legacy webui

Supposedly I got around 700000000 Bytes = 700Mb , but I receive only around 500Mb from Node-RED , The address im using are correct if im not mistaken , I followed it based on here

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