Modbus and MQTT

Hi Everyone,

I am seeking for a router/gateway that will be connected to Ethernet network with Modbus TCP/IP devices connected at the same network, I want to make a connection between these devices and an MQTT broker so that I will be able to transfer data from the devices to cloud services (E.g. Azure, AWS…).

Please share compatible router type if something matches.

Thanks in advance.


The primary objective is to transfer data from the Modbus devices to the cloud.

We offer a range of routers and gateways that support Modbus TCP/IP master, Modbus TCP/IP slave, Modbus TCP, and MQTT Modbus Gateway protocols. Additionally, our devices feature data transfer to servers via MQTT and HTTP(s). Our products are compatible with Azure, and we recommend reaching out to our sales manager for personalized device suggestions.

Please refer to the following links:


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