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We are currently at a campsite. There is only 4G reception there. When I am connected to my cell phone via our RUTX50, the speed is worse than when I am connected to my cell phone via cellular. What could be the cause? In theory, it should be the same speed.


LTE routers and mobile phones differ significantly in their design and capabilities. Mobile phones are often newer and better optimized for picking up weak signals. Additionally, factors such as modem quality, antennas, and other hardware can lead to varying signal strength and internet speeds even in the same location.

Could you please provide a screenshot of the Status → Network → Mobile page of the RUTX50 (please blur out any confidential information)? Also, could you run a speed test for both the RUTX50 and your mobile phone respectively?

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without WLAN


The signal readings are very poor and on the verge of disconnection. The data transmission bandwidth is only 3MHz, which is unusually low. This seems to be the main issue.

You can try the following steps:

  1. Check if all antennas are connected correctly and securely.
  2. Move your camper/vehicle, as you might be in a signal blackspot where the signal is weakened or obstructed.

Regarding your mobile phone, how much of a difference does it show? What signal strength and other readings does it get?

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Theres is no dead zone here. There is full reception in the area. All cables are permanently connected. The antenna was bought new 5 weeks ago.

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Well, there is quite a difference between phone and router signal quality evidently. It’s likely an antenna or signal issue. Did you notice poor reception only at the campsite or in other crowded places? Have you tested your device with its original antennas? What were the results? Is the new antenna you’re using compatible with the RUTX50 router?

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This is the first time I’ve used it on a campsite. The original antennas were not included. According to the dealer where I bought the antenna, yes.

Das ist unsere Antenne


The issue is most likely due to the antenna, as mobile phones work well in the same spot. We can confirm the proper functioning of our devices with the antennas we supply. Since your reseller chose to use a different antenna, please contact them for further guidance.

We recommend using this antenna: 5G Combo MIMO Mobile GNSS WiFi Roof SMA Antenna.

Additionally, you can try using our partner’s Poynting antennas. They should be well-suited too.

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I’d be asking the dealer for those antennas that come with the RUTX50, after all, you paid for them.

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Sometimes, resellers may purchase devices with different configurations, such as without a power supply unit or additional antennas. This could be the situation in this case.

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hI mARIJUS … thanks, I was unaware that this was possible … Mike