Mobile fallback on 1 lan port only

I’ve got a RUT950 in my campervan. I connect to my mobile hotspot when i want to use internet on connected devices. I have 2 ethernet connected devices that i want to have always online.
I’m using the mobile fallback function, to switch to 4G when my mobile hotspot is off.
Since this is a sim with data limit, i want to prevent other devices(Lan3, Wifi) from using the mobile fallback e.g. only have a working internet connection when the RUT is connected to another internet source. How do i do this?


For this, you can use failover policies.

Create 2 failover rules and 2 polices (within rules). 2 failover policies would be:

  • One policy (policy A) to use WiFi WAN as main, and 4G as failover.
  • Second policy (policy B) to use WiFi WAN only.

Then, for example, two rules:

  • First rule where Source IP address of the device in LAN1 (for example, uses policy A.
  • Second rule where you leave source IP as blank (all other IPs) uses policy B.

This way, device with IP address will use WiFi as WAN and 4G as failover. All other IPs in LAN network will match the second rule and will only be able to use WiFi WAN.

More information about failover and rules can be found here.

I would suggest configuring a static lease for the devices that should be able to use 4G. This way, these devices will always receive the same, specified IP address that you can use for failover policies. Static leases can be configured in Network → Interfaces → Static leases.

Another option would be to use VLANs. This way, PORT1 can be on a different network and you can specify this whole network in failover policies.

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