Missing Angle in AVL Data and FOTA WEB connection


I am facing this issue that when my vehicle is parked so the current AVL data which i received in which i found the angle 0. and if the angle is zero so my vehicle position showing North facing. If the angle is zero so it will show North.

I am attaching a configurator snap shot here i am also seeing the angle is zero. This is my testing device and i did setup at my work bench.

How can i reslove this issue. I am facing the same issue in my client vehicles.

Q2: my second issue is that one of my device is showing offline at FOTA WEB from the start of this week although the device is online and working properly

Hello @usman.javed

Good day, it seems there is no satellite data from your device, that is why the angle data is missing.

Regarding your second question, please check if the domain : fm.teltonika.lt and port 5000, and port 6000 are whitelisted from your network service provider, you can also check if the FOTAWEB is enable from the device.


Note: For further investigation please create a helpdesk ticket.

Best Regards
Maynard C

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