Mismatch between actual relay status and reported status in GUI

Device name: RUT956
Hardware revision:0303
Firmware version: RUT9M_R_00.07.04.4
Kernel version: 5.4.229

Our RUT956 sometimes ends up in a situation where the actual relay status and reported status in the GUI is not the same. In other words; The relay is open, but the GUI reports that the relay is closed.
Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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Apologies for a late reply.

You mentioned that this problem occurs sometimes. Can you provide more details about the frequency and any patterns you’ve observed? Does it seem random, or does it occur after specific events or actions?

Is this issue limited to the representation in the WebUI? Does it stay inverted the whole time or does it starts to show the correct status after some time?

You also mentioned that the relay status appears to be the opposite of what it should be. Can you please explain how you are determining this or checking the relay status?

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The router is configured (in router action) to open relay (connection 5 and 10) 30 seconds after isolated input (connection 2 and 7) triggers a rising input.
Sometimes the relay is opened but the WebUI tells that it is not open.
The relay and WebUI will be in sync again after closing and then opening the relay from WebUI.

(In “Router General”-settings, Isolated Input (2,7) is configured with Trigger interval =1, Trigger = rising, Action = RelayOff.
In “Actions”-settings, The action “RelayOff” is configured as Type = Output, Execution delay = 30, Control = Relay (5,10), Revert = 0, Maintain = On, Invert = off, State copying = off).


When the issue reoccurs, could you please check the status of the relay from the command line (command line information here)? You can use the following command to see the status of the relay:

ubus call ioman.relay.relay0 status

What is the state according to the command? Is it different from what the WebUI displays?

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