Mileage mileage showing random figure

I get the following info from the tracker and the mileage shows a figure that I have no idea where it got it from as the tracker has only been in for about a week and done about 3 miles. Is it possible to reset the mileage counter at all ?

battery.current: 0
battery.voltage: 4.019 V 142
event.priority.enum: 0
external.powersource.voltage: 13.442
gnss.state.enum: 1
gnss.status: true
gsm.mcc: 234
gsm.mnc: 15
gsm.operator.code: 23415
gsm.signal.level: 100 %
movement.status: false
position.altitude: 74
position.direction: N, 0°
position.hdop: 0.6
position.latitude: 54.323257
position.longitude: -2.729358
position.pdop: 1.1
position.satellites: 16
position.speed: 0 mi/h
position.valid: true
sleep.mode.enum: 0
vehicle.mileage: 3.951 mi


Thank you for your question.

Based on the provided data, it appears that the total mileage is 3.9 miles, which is your expected value. Please correct me if I am wrong here.

Since I do not know which AVL ID is vehicle.mileage in your case, I cannot give you a concrete answer, but one of the ways you can reset the odometer value is by going to Trip/Odometer tab in the configurator setting the Odometer Value to 0:

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Jonas K.

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