Maximum number of one client for one device allowed

RUTX14- I get a fault message while trying to clink on Joint Network button: ‘Maximum number of one client for one device allowed. To specify few possible clients use Multi AP’.

What to do now, I cannot connect to a new Client?

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The issue is accorded because you are trying to set up more than one WiFi Client/Station mode on the router.
To resolve the issue kindly follow the below procedure.

The Multi AP feature is used to configure access to multiple wireless access points from one page. To enter Multi AP configuration, click the ‘Multi AP’ button below other Wireless configurations.

enter a name for the Multi AP network and assign a firewall zone (default: wan).

The General Settings section for Multi AP is used to turn it on or off and to change the frequency of scanning for WiFi APs.

For more information kindly visit RUTX14 Wireless - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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