M-Bus to Modbus TCP using TRB143


How to send data from M-Bus devices to external server using Modbus TCP/IP protocol?

I’m using TRB143 with Modbus TCP/IP support.


Hello Marek,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

I’d appreciate some clarification on the purpose of the data transfer. Are you looking to send data from the device to an external server via Modbus, or do you mean that the server acts as a Modbus master, requesting data from the device, which functions as a Modbus slave?

It’s important to note that sending M-BUS data through Modbus requires writing M-Bus data into specific registers on the device, which can then be requested by a Modbus client. However, this capability is not supported on our device.

If your goal is to transmit M-Bus data to an external server, you can achieve this using the “data to server” feature. This feature enables data transmission via HTTP or MQTT protocols but not through the Modbus protocol. M-Bus data often is sent to server using HTTP protocol. You can find detailed information on configuring the “data to server” feature on our wiki page: TRB143 Data to Server - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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