Lower speed via RUT950 than original Wifi access point

I have a public wifi which I want to connect to via my RUT950 router, so I enabled the public wifi as wireless station in the RUT950 and configured an access point to connect to the wifi of the router.

Now, when I connect my laptop to the public wifi directly, I get a download speed of 20Mbps. When I connect to the RUT950 which has the same wifi as station mode I get a speed of 10Mbps. Is this the expected behaviour? I use default settings, is there anything I can configure to get the same speed or is this due to the nature of getting the wifi signal through 2 hops so the speed drops?

PS. Both the RUT950 router and the public wifi are closeby so my signal values are OK.

No ideas why my speed drops 50% when going via the RUT950 in stead of directly to my public wifi?


First of all, there will inherently be some loss in speeds due to additional packet processing, which includes routing, firewall, NATing, etc.

Secondly, the device uses the same 2.4GHz radio for both the LAN connection and the access point in WAN (client mode), which can result in lower speeds. This is because the single radio has to handle both incoming and outgoing data.

Also, I am not sure what WiFi standards does your access point supports, but the RUT950 supports Wi-Fi 4 (b/g/n), which is typically slower than WiFi 5 (ac).

There are a few things that I suggest you check to potentially improve the speeds:

  • Make sure the device has the latest firmware version installed.

  • Software flow offloading is enabled in Network → Firewall.

  • Make sure that both WiFi antennas are properly attached

  • You can use a WiFi analyzer application and check how much interference is there in the area. If there are other WiFi devices that work on the same WiFi channel, you may want to change the channel on your AP and on RUT.

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