Low wifi signal strength RUT955

We are experiencing very low wi-fi signal strength. We use the router with two cable antennas WI-FI MAGNETIC SMA ANTENNA, ORDER CODE: PR1KRF30 that are placed outdoors. We measured the signal stength using simple app, outdoors in open space with no obstacles and direct visibility antennas - device. Optimal conditions. At 1 meter we get 80%, at 10 meters we get 40% and at 20 meters distance we get only 10-14%.
The signal was OK before. The device and modem FW is up to date, antennas are firmly attached.


Could you navigate to Network → Wireless → SSIDs, edit the global 2.4GHz interface, and make sure that the transmit power is set to 100%?

Additionally, I’d suggest setting channel width to 20MHz if range is needed (at the expense of throughput). Make sure the antennas are tightened properly and the coaxial cable is not damaged along the way.
Finally, I’d suggest testing out different channels to see if that helps.
Let me know how it goes.

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Hello. All the settings were as mentioned. Changing the channels did not change anything. During my test the signal strenght was stable 50-53%.
When I unscrewed the 1st antenna it dropped by 10%, the 2nd antenna by another 10% to 42% and then 32%. When I connected the antennas, it was the same. From 32% to 42% and to 52%.

Hello. What do you advice I do next?

Hello. What do you advice I do next?

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