Low throughput on LAN/WAN with RUT950 and RUT240

Hi community.

I am using a RUT950 with LAN devices and Internet on WAN port with 100MBit/s. The throughput is max 45MBit/s while when connecting e.g. a laptop directly to the WAN device without RUT it is increasing to 97MBit/s, so almost 100. I use only a very few FW (default) rules and they are not complex, no NAT. The rules not used or not required I deleted - to be on the safe side.

Betwen RUT and end user devices is a simple 8 port switch.

100% same behavior with RUT240.

What could be the reason?


no one any idea? thx!


I will ask you to try the following:

  • Update the device to the latest firmware without the option to Keep setting enabled;

  • Once the device boots up, reconfigure everything;

  • Navigate to Network → Firewall → General, and make sure that the Software flow offloading is enabled;

Additionally, I will ask you to run this test with the laptop connected to the RUT directly, without the switch in between.

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Hi, and thank you for your reply!

I have enabled , and the throughput changed from 56 Mbit/s to 73 Mbit/s (with the RUT in between).

I ran another test without the RUT and it went further up to 90 Mbit/s. So there is still a significant difference, although the throughput is now much better.

FW ist the latest RUT9_R_00.07.05

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Could you try closing the WebUI and disabling the unnecessary services on the device when running a speed test? RUT240 is quite processing power limited, thus it’s worth checking whether performing these actions will help.

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I am testing the 950 only. I am reaching about 80MBit/s. So, because of a difference of roughly 15MBit/s I won’t continue investigationg. I am happy with 80MBit/s.

Many thanks!

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