Low speed RUT955

Hi, i have a RUT 955 with a 4g sim card, i get speeds at 3mbs when in the rut 955 with a teltonika 4g ariel on the roof of my motorhome, when i remove the sim card and place im my phone as a hot spot i can get 25mbs in the same location. Having spending money and time fitting the rut 955 i am unimpressed by this, is there anything i can do to remedy it?


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According to your description, it seems that the issue may be related to the difference in technologies between the RUT955 and your smartphone. RUT955 has a 4G LTE CAT 4 modem. The modems found in many mobile phones today support much higher categories.

For example, many modern smartphones feature higher-end modems that support LTE CATs beyond 20, such as LTE CAT 22 or 23, which can deliver data speeds exceeding 1Gbps. This difference in modem technology can potentially result in mobile phones being able to provide higher data speeds than the RUT955.

I suggest that you visit our wiki page here as it contains a detailed explanation of the discrepancies in LTE speeds.

Also, you can try to enable β€˜software flow offloading’ in Network β†’ Firewall β†’ Generall settings. This option can potentially provide an increase in speed.


Thanks for speedy reply, i am not in need of plus 1gb speed, i can’t understand why a Β£300 set up that promoted upto 150mb would only give me 3mb when a cheap Chinese phone on hot spot gives 22mb in the exact same location?

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I conducted a test from my location, based on my location I received the below results.

Could you please

  • Double-check antenna placement and orientation.
  • Experiment with different network settings on the router, especially regarding the network band.
  • Confirm whether the modem firmware has been updated to the latest version.


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