Lost access to rut950 WebUI after portforward

Tried to portforward from any lan source to internal ip (pc address in which I have set up an ftp server) and lost access to rut950 webUI after doing it with error:

How can I redo and regain access to router (router ip

There’s a possibility that you configured the port 80 to be forwarded to the pc address which is why you’re not having an access to the router’s WebUI.

If your device is connected to Teltonika RMS, you can try access it there or reflash its firmware just in case.

If not then you can factory reset your RUT950 by pushing the reset button and holding it until the LTE Signal LED reaches the final signal bar (around 6 seconds)

After that, the router will go back to its default settings where you can access it via then use the default pass to login.

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