Loosing internet from my LAN port

I bought multiple RUT901 I do not have problems except from one.
I use my RUT901 for vending,
one LAN is connected to the Camera
one LAN is connected to the Vending
one LAN is connected to the Credit Card machine
The last one seem to loose internet connexion during the day and I loose money because of that.
I already change the PORT and the RJ45 wire but still randomly I do not have internet from the credit card machine.

This is the LAN adresse of the credit card machine : 10:1E:DA:C5:D3:04

New user can not upload the troubleshoot logs


If you changed the Ethernet port itself, I can tell you what the problem might be because you have modified the device. If you notice any obvious faults in the devices (like in this case), please contact your reseller for a device exchange before trying to fix it yourself.

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My English is not perfect
I didn’t open the router I only switch the port 2 from 3 if I remember and replace the Ethernet wire.
But still occasionally I do not have internet from this specific credit card machine.
What can I do to understand the issue ?
Can you activate uploading for my account

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